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We are a Start-up driven by the spirit of social entrepreneurship and our love for the Ocean.


In spite of owning a long coast line of ~7500 km and vast continental shelf of 3,70,000 km2, there is a huge disconnect between the mass populace & vast oceanic resources due to lack of marine education & popularisation of opportunities in India. Ocean related research, commercial activities, and reforms could take place at a much higher pace by bridging this gap.

According to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14, the sustainable use and preservation of marine & coastal ecosystems and their biological diversity is essential to achieving the 2030 agenda.

Against this background, a group of IIT graduates & marine enthusiasts have established EduMarine Private Limited. The mission of EduMarine is to inculcate the spirit of scientific enquiry about oceans & marine life in students & children while undertaking commercial/industrial research & conservation projects to save and sustain the ocean for future generation.

Driven by research, education and excitement we work to create a better environment for ourselves and our children.