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Explore colourful corals and shipwreck with PADI certified instructors


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Your Goa trip is incomplete without being mesmerised by the underwater life. Take a dive into the mysteries of the underwater and explore the colourful corals and capture the moments for your life. To ensure highest level of safety, we only work with PADI instructors who are certified in Rescue operation and can take your 100% responsibility under water. Even the non-swimmers don't have to miss the opportunity as the PADI instructor will guide you under water.


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20 Minutes Scuba Dive

PADI Certified Dive Centres

SPECIAL OFFER : 40 Minutes Scuba Dive

Average customer ratings

Still wondering if you should DO scuba diving? Read this ....

#TBH Your scuba dive will be the best part of your Goa trip. Trust us.

We will make sure to provide you with the best experience of exploring the underwater world. It’s a feeling which is unparalleled to anything you would have experienced in your life till now.

What’s a better way to observe a fish than to become a fish?


And what better way to become a fish than be a scuba diver. It’s an adventure in itself to explore the mysteries of the ecosystem surviving in the vast ocean. You might be even able to find the Nemo!

Scuba diving is similar to being in a state of meditation. The way you breathe or speak is different than what you normally do. Your soul feels calm.


Scuba diving in Goa is not as popular as the party spots or Kings, but it’s worth spending a day of your vacation scuba diving in Goa. One more reason to dive in Goa – It’s the only dive location in mainland India with a Ship Wreck.


You will be exploring a 1600s cargo ship which got wrecked here and the colorful flora and fauna that has grown on it. History buff? Then definitely you need to take a dive.


For those who fancy corals or love flowers, Scuba diving in Goa offers a beautiful coral garden where you can dive and have your Instagram worthy picture clicked. 


You will be surprised to see the underwater world can mesmerize you.